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Mrs.O.Zaya Head of Mongolian Business Women’s Association

Mongolian Business Women Association history

During 1989 and 1990s, centrally planned economy was gone into recession throughout Mongolia, and Mongolia transferred to the market economy.

During these years, many women were passed to line of unemployed people, there was increased family break-up, men were taken to drink and society was completely in crisis. In the same time, other products from salt and flour weren’t on counter of a shop, and women, who were starting their business, united by aim to protect women’s interests, help their family and moreover make their contribution to social and motherland’s development. They established Mongolian Business Women’s Association or the first non-governmental organization of Mongolia on 13 July, 1992. “AltanShagai” company’s director,Zaya.O was chosen by head of Mongolian Business Women Association, and diplomatic worker of Soviet Union, Yanjindulam by vice-head, and “Togos” company’s director, Dolgorsuren.M, industrial honored worker, Zumaa, journalist, Sarangerel, Mongolian honored artist, Horolsuren and chairman of sewing factory, Jargalsaihan were chosen by leading members of Mongolian Business Women’s Association. Since it, they enthusiastic overcame on difficult path, and became a popular and experienced community in the past 20 years. The association was developed and become a big organizationwhich was recognized on the world, and was cooperated with Mongolian and International organizations. On January, 1993, the first session was organized in Governmental Assembly Hall of Mongolia by the initiative of leading members of Mongolian Business Women’s Association. Business women of 14 countries in the world participated in the session, and exchanged their idea. Similarly, there were formed a favorable conditions and opportunities to study in foreign countries and cooperate with foreign countries. In every year, Mongolian Business Women’s Association have been constantly organizing the following works,such as being issued a circular letter for getting foreign passport (women are holding work in organizations), giving a guarantee for getting loan from bank, mediating in making a contract, being studied in foreign countries and exporting their made products to foreign countries. Now, branches are carrying out operation in 6 districts and 23 provinces. These branches become to organize the session of Mongolian Business Women’s Association in their locality every year. The association selects 10 best women from business women of Mongolia every year, and spreads their experience to the public. Also there is organized “Thousand Mothers’ Holiday” for mothers who got born the best business women in 8 March of every year, and promoted honored mothers of Mongolia. Agency of Mongolian Business Women’s Association is carrying out operation in Tuva, Holland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Japan, France, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Chinese People’s Republic and United States of America, Austria. Mongolian Business Women’s Association enrolled in member of Global Business Women’s Association on 2000, and three members of the association were awarded with “Best Business Women” prize. In present time, we are supporting thousands women who is successfully holding a business and reaching to success by a definite amount, and awarding them. It is connected with thousands Mongolian business women are giving energy and enthusiasm each other and loving each other. For the sake of themselves, women are leading their organization to this degree, and it is clear instance of our business women’s decency and hard work.


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